How to join the University of Colima



The Academic Mobility Program of the University of Colima enables students from Mexican and foreign universities to enroll in one academic semester or year at the University of Colima with credit transfer upon completion.

There are 2 alternatives to study at the University of Colima:

  • As a student in national or international mobility, gaining access to the program through the bilateral agreements signed between the University of Colima and other universities worldwide.
  • As an international student, covering the corresponding tuition fees. Upon completion of studies, a transcript with course grades will be issued in order to transfer credits to the home university.

How to participate:


In the framework of the Academic Cooperation Agreements signed between the University of Colima and Higher Education Institutions at the regional, national, and international levels, the University has been making a concerted effort to promote academic mobility, aware of the fact that it represents a fundamental tool to take full advantage of our institutional strengths in a complementary program.

How to participate:


The University of Colima DOES NOT have student dormitories. However, the University has implemented, with the General Department of Academic Exchange and Scholarships, the Host Families and Lodging Service program, which enables students to access the database with information regarding lodging providers. The University of Colima can only provide consultation in this respect.

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