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Here you can find further information about the programme. Please read the following and if still interested download the available pdfs. Here the application process is fully explained.

Students are accepted all year round

For how long:

Usually the minimum period is 2 months and there is no maximum. In certain circumstances shorter stays may be considered

What will you be doing:

Work will consist of analysis of data in the lab and data collection in the field. You will participate in the monitoring of an active volcano which is currently erupting. Here on the website you can find information about many of the projects that are carried out.


Most important is that the participant has the initiative to work on his/her own on a project. Usually it is required that the participant is studying for a degree in either Earth Science or Physics (or has recently finished). Postgraduate students (both Masters and PhD) have participated in the past.

Visit: Working as volunteer at Colima

Application process

If you are interested please send to me via email the following information:

  1. Details of your university and course.
  2. When you wish to participate. It will help if you can give me start and finish dates as accurate as possible.
  3. The reason you are interested in helping out in Colima.
  4. A copy of your CV.
  5. Two academic references.

Please try and apply early since places do fill up, particularly during the summer months.

Here you will find 4 forms that you can download:

  1. General Information
  2. List of items to bring to Colima
  3. University application form to be completed and returned



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