2005 Explosive Episode

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November - December 2005

Explosive activity during November 2005 has been characterised by between 3 and 5 events per day, producing eruption columns up to 3 km above the crater and ash fall mainly within 20 km of the volcano. The wind direction has been changing between the W, SW direction typical of the rainy season and E, the usual direction during the dry season. The direction determines where ash fall occurs.

Events have shown a difference when compared with explosive activity over the past 2 years, since the ratio of duration to seismic amplitude of the events has been high. Incandescence continues to be observed in the field, suggesting the continued presence of a magmatic body relatively close to the surface.

During early December this type of activity continued, the wind direction is now consistently to the E, NE and SE. Some minor ashfalls occurred in Colima due to winds to the S during the night. During the latter part of December the size of the explosive events has decreased. Less ash is now being output by the volcano and incandescence is no longer evident at night. This suggests less degassing of the magma body and a lowering of its depth.


July 2005

After one explosion in June a pyroclastic surge passed over the thermal station. One solar panel received some damage from the impact of lapilli.
A stalactite of liquid sulphur forming at one of the hot 'fumaroles' within the 2004 lava flow.

Front of 5 July pyroclastic flow in La Arena ravine, Jalisco. Temperatures in excess of 300 ° C were recorded.
Trees damaged on the side of Los Hijos dome from the large 5 June pyroclastic flow



First Rockfall febuary 2002

First rockfall after lava spilled over crater rim - Feb. 2002


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