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Welcome to the webpage of Colima Exchange and Research in Volcanology, based in the Faculty of Science in the University of Colima. This programme has been running since 2004 with an objective to improve our knowledge of Volcán de Colima and other volcanoes in Mexico, and to facilitate the visits of students from outside of Colima who wish to have some hands-on experience working at an active and frequently erupting volcano. In Colima we have received over 250 students from many countries including the UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Italy and France. They have worked alongside Mexican colleagues and students, taking part in a number of research projects and monitoring activities. based on some of the active volcanoes of Mexico.

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 News - 2015  

Volcán de Colima

The volcano continues to be very active with larger explosions visible from the city. The effusion rate has decreased with a much slower advance of the lava flows and less rockfalls. The two shorter flows to the N and S have now stopped their advance totally.

Current fieldwork

This has been concentrating on measurement of the SO2 flux, a critical parameter for the monitoring network, and measurement of the thermal emission of the lava dome, flows, rockfalls and explosion columns.


Thanks to Webcams de Mexico a new resource has come online. Now you can watch the volcano in real-time from its view point to the south of the volcano.


The quality is excellent and the video posted on YouTube from an explosion on Monday 21 Jan. has appeared extensively in the world’s media.


2015 has started as the most active yet for CIIV with 6 students here in Jan. Currently there are students from the UK, USA and Latvia helping out with fieldwork and data analysis. Progress, however, continues to be plagued by our truck, which is almost as often with the mechanic as at the volcano.

 News - 2011  

Current fieldwork

Recent trips to get the Doppler radar pair operational have failed. One radar is working, but the other would appear to have a severe problem. Further maintenance is required. A crater climb in June was unsuccessful and a follow up trip has been thwarted by bad weather. It should take place soon. The georeferencing for photogrammetry still needs to be carried out using GPS located points on the rim. A flight has been planned for several weeks but the usual plan is undergoing maintenance and no other one has been available

Activity Stops

For the first time since the start of the current episode of activity in 1998, the volcano has gone quiet. It is quite strange considering how accustomed we have been to the small daily Vulcanian explosions and the effusion of lava. The activity stopped with a larger magnitude explosion in June, which destroyed a proportion of the dome. Since the seismicity has been exceptionally low with no signs of extrusion.

Infrasound station installation

During May Aída Quezado paid us a visit from New Mexico Tech to carry out the installation of two new infrasound stations. One is located above Juan Barragán on the SE flank, the other near to La Lumbre on the SW flank. Each consists of an array of four sensors and will supplement the telemetred network (currently only one station of three is functioning). The data produced will be analysed as part of Aída’s PhD project.

aida installing infrasound probe

Logo of the Centre

Cities on Volcanoes

Colima is to host the Cities on Volcanoes meeting in November 2012...

International workshops

Nick attended two workshops in 2011, first in the Philippines in June...

Infrasound project

During May Aída Quezado paid us a visit from New Mexico Tech to carry out the installation of two new infrasound stations...


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